Set of ratchet wrenches 12 pcs

Ratchet wrench set packed in a durable plastic case.

Series: Tools
part number: HT-062


High quality and set of tools necessary in every workshop. Hedotools tools are manufactured based on the latest technologies and modern materials.

Description, product features:
Combination spanners with articulation: 8 mm – 9 mm – 10 mm – 11 mm – 12 mm – 13 mm – 14 mm – 15 mm – 17 mm – 19 mm – 21 mmm – 22 mm.
Deviation: 5
A wide range of applications.
Designed to work in the harshest conditions under heavy loads.

An ideal set for professional mechanical and automotive workshops. The comprehensive package of HedoTools tools and accessories is enclosed in a durable and practical case. This set is ideal for housework, assembly or small workshop repairs. High quality workmanship makes the product resistant to any cracks.